Bacteria And Mold Live In Carpets

April 10, 2018 Off By admin

It is pretty common for bacteria and mold to live in carpets, and so do dust mites and fleas. Plus, if you have pets, marks of their occasional accidents may be in the corners of the rug. Last but not least, the dust and crumbs of everyday life accumulate in the carpet, creating an unsavory mix. Does it ever stress you to think about all the unpleasant stuff in your carpeting and rugs, especially the living things? As a relief to your stress, there are professional carpet cleaning services that can get rid of all the dirt, debris, bacteria and whatever may be hiding in your carpet.

Why Do I Need a Professional Cleaner?

While vacuuming and stain removal can take care of several everyday messes, it is better to opt for professional carpet cleaners. Many experts suggest a professional deep cleaning after every twelve to eighteen months to have a healthy home environment. Yes, it is not cheap to hire professional cleaners, which is why most people opt for buying their own carpet cleaner, which can be a good option as well. You can use your machine to clean occasional messes and freshen things up, but you will still require a professional cleaner at least once a year to get a truly deep clean.

Another reason to hire cleaning service providers is that they not only make your carpet attractive but also purify it from various unwanted organisms. According to research, you need to have water of specific temperature and quantity to kill the creepy crawlies in the carpets. These companies are well equipped and have super-strong suction that can extract as much water as possible to prevent mold afterward. The best cleaners carefully formulate chemicals that have the potential to clean without leaving behind any harmful residue. Professional cleaning is a good investment as it prolongs the life of your carpet and makes your home healthier.

How Do I Select a Carpet Cleaning Company?

Once you are convinced to go for professional carpet cleaning service, the next step is to select a suitable company out of the many. Here is how you can choose one. A good service provider should be able to readily tell you about the chemicals that it uses and the benefits and dangers of each. Do not choose the company that quotes you by the room rather than the square foot and deals over the phone instead of coming over to give you an estimate after inspecting the house. When you are discussing the price, make sure to ask the company if its services include moving the furniture for you.

You should schedule regular professional cleaning annually, even if you weekly vacuum and clean your carpets at home. The ideal time for cleaning can be the spring or summer when the doors and windows can be opened to enhance the drying process. After availing professional services, you will notice that not only is your carpet’s life extended, but your home also looks more beautiful and enjoyable.